Celebrating 25 years of Fashion in Africa

Deepa Dosaja 25 years: Celebrating what has been and what’s to come

On Thursday November 10th, 2016 Kenyan designer Deepa Dosaja held an exclusive fashion showcase attended by over 100 the fashion elite of Nairobi as well as her loyal clientele. Many of the guests arrived looking gorgeous in their favorite Deepa Dosaja couture pieces, adding brilliant color to the feminine industrial look of unfinished concrete and steel and ultra-white lighting softened by glowing candles and Faberge carnations.

The event began with a feature of pieces inspired by Deepa’s twenty-five year journey to express the elegance and playfulness of modern femininity. Her signature stunning colors, embroidery and hand painted flowers flowed across silhouettes with contemporary and classic cuts. The retrospective highlighted the themes that have unified her work for over two decades--the earth’s natural beauty, the joyful colors of Africa and the radiance she sees in women from across the street and around the globe.

Upon conclusion of the retrospective Jessica Posner Odede, founder of Shofco (Shining Hope for Communities) announced the launch of Deepa Dosaja’s partnership with her organization. Every item sold from Deepa Dosaja’s new KAYAJA collection provides nutritious meals for students at Shofco’s schools for girls. These meals serve as the only reliable source of nutrition for these girls, and enables them to learn and grow, paving personal paths out of poverty. As a female entrepreneur committed to the empowerment of women and communities, Deepa is thrilled at the opportunity to support Shofco’s work.

The show closed with the launch of the KAYAJA by Deepa Dosaja collection. The origin of the name KAYAJA, a combination of the names of Deepa’s three sons—Kavi, Yash and Jaan—shows how close this label is to the designer’s heart. Over ten years in the making, this collection expresses Deepa’s vision to create everyday style for sophisticated women. The KAYAJA designs are sleek and simple with the same unique lines and glorious colors that define Dosaja’s work.

The Deepa Dosaja Couture and KAYAJA collections can be found at Deepa’s boutique at 14 Riverside. The KAYAJA collection can also be found at the Hub at X. Both collections will soon be featured at deepadosaja.com.